Ours team has helped pioneer modern processes for the legitimization of this niche industry, and our combined background and experience in all facets of bike park and trail development  is unparalleled in the province of Ontario and possibly Canada.


Chris Dewar, Bike Park Development Specialist, Owner



Chris Dewar has among the highest levels of experience in the creative and exciting field of Bike Park design and development in the province of Ontario. His wide range of involvement on numerous bike park facilities has resulted in a unique and invaluable skill set that can only be achieved from the extensive roles he has played throughout his career, including community advocate, cycling club executive, private design consultant, municipal employee and construction contractor.  This unique mix of roles has enabled Mr. Dewar to gain a comprehensive understanding of the entire bike park development process, from their humble grassroots beginnings, to conceptual and technical design, municipal approvals, tendering and of course their ultimate construction, final shaping and riding.


Chris possesses the critical communication skills necessary to act as an effective intermediary between local residents, the riding community and City and agency staff to achieve the highest quality product which meets the maximum number of users needs.


He has worked extensively to advance track, trail and park design techniques employing modern CAD and GIS software to best utilize existing terrain gathered from site visits and analysis. In addition to his extensive background in cycling, his formal training and past employment is in the urban planning and site design field.


An expert level BMX and MTB rider, he understands and is capable of riding nearly the full spectrum of cycling disciplines, including BMX dirt jumping, skatepark and street riding, downhill, freeride and cross-country MTB,  in addition to transportation, leisure and road riding.


Taro Saito, Designer, Builder, Shaper



Taro Saito is an icon and pioneer in the BMX trail scene in the Greater Toronto Area.  He is partially responsible for the creation and establishment of one of the GTAs premier underground BMX trail scenes, Rexdale Trails.  Years of dedication to the development of this ‘proper’ trails spot led to the creation of an underground scene of riders pushing the boundaries of BMX trail riding in the GTA.


The skills gained from years of hand shaping and carving jumps of all sizes at Rexdale has given Taro the expert ability to build jumps that are smooth and consistent for a wide range of users.  Additionally, he possesses effective design skills and has the ‘eye’ for getting a feature or obstacle just right.


Taro is an original member of the Transitions Bike Park team since 2005 and has collaborated on dozens of projects.


Simon Cox, Project Foreman, Designer, Builder, Shaper



Simon Cox is a naturally skilled rider and trail builder who established his range of skills at the infamous Cox BMX Trails, located in Guelph, Ontario.  Quickly learning from the older riders and builders, it was soon apparent that Simon possessed a natural ability to build, shape and ride the biggest and most challenging features at the trails.


Not limited to dirt jump track and trail construction, Simon is as equally skilled with the development of wooden ramps and features, and is able to effectively manage a work crew and job site.


Igor Dragoslavic, Mountain Bike Trail Planning and Development Specialist



Igor Dragoslavic is a gifted and renowned Mountain Bike trail builder and designer.  He is largely responsible for the establishment and formalization of Ontario's premier XC trail park, the Waterloo Hydrocut.